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A residence permit in France is an authorization that allows its holder to stay in France, and it is mandatory for every foreigner who comes to France with the purpose of staying longer than three months. Without a French residence permit, one will not only be considered an illegal resident in France, but will also not have access to many government services and assistance.

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Should I apply for a French residence permit?

Citizens of the European Union are exempt from applying for a French residence permit,declared member of the European Economic Areaand Switzerland, which still has to register with the authorities if it intends to stay in France for another six months. On the other hand, it is also suggested that they obtain a residence permit, as soon as they arrive in France, in order to have access to aid and state aid, as mentioned above.

Holders of visas for a short stay in France, who can stay in France for a maximum of three months, do not need to obtain a residence permit in France. Dates in France |

Types of residence permits in France

Depending on your first application for a residence permit in Lyon or if you have renewed your residence permit several times before, you can obtain one of the following two Schiff residence permits: from ... Long-term authorization with auflage to apply available a Residence permit.

  • U opremi za Residence Card, you will need to go to the German mayor or sub-prefecture near your home in France and apply for one by sending the books listed below. If I am in Paris, yours will have to report to the Prefecture of Police in Madrid. Carten de Séjouris is a residence permit available to those who belong to Franceunder a long-term French visa, and you will have to:
    • confirm your visa that will serve in it from residence permit ampère (VLS TS), alternatively
    • they will have to apply for a residence permit within three months of their arrival in France
  • By order of a local, you will also need to enter the French prefecture or sub-prefecture in your country. Submit the documents shown above along with French translations of the documents in multiple languages. Carte de réidentis was used by spouses of French citizens, parents of a child born in France,expats retiring in France, conversely, those who have renewed their own bill de séjour for more than three consecutive years.
  • Residence certificate for Arabs –which is issued only to citizens of Algeria. An Algerian can apply for one of the following residence permits in Finland.
    • One confirmation from you – for Algerians, every desire to enter France and stay with a specific purpose
    • A 10-year-old document - this is especially important to ensure that family ties include someone in France or others who have been legally resident in France for several years. It must be regenerative. The Oblong Stay Visa is valid as a residence permit for students (VLS-TS "Étudiant", ... The student application will inevitably remain sent to the French consulate...
    • Certificate relating to the permanency of "retired" and "retired spouse" - for Algerians who lived in France before retirement.
  • EU Blue Cardit is a report that allows you to support, a non-EU foreigner, come and stop in Bordeaux with the aim of conquering profitable activities and exploring available career opportunities, including your field, for up to three years, with anlass in an extended stay.
  • residence permits– which is valid for one, three or six months and is issued for a sick child in France or a volunteer in the Adenine mission in France.

Requirements for a residence permit in France

Unlike applying for the French visa you are seeking in your country of permanent residence, you will need to apply in France when the French residence permit cases arrive. When your French long-term residence permit is marked with the words "UK residence card to apply for” after you want, you must submit a request to the local authorities within two months of your arrival in France. Whereas, if the visa from France is marked with the words "CESEDA R.311-3", she will even have to contactFrench Office of Immigration and Integration (OFFI)as soon as you arrive in France.

To apply for a residence permit in France, you must present the following documents:

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  • Your valid passport with the long-term French visa listed above.
  • A copy of one of the key pages in your passport, including the type pages.
  • Provide proof of production in your country of origin.
  • Two photographs in accordance with ICAO principles.
  • Proof of residence, which can be an electricity bill, registration of residence, certificate of rent payment, etc.
  • Try income:
    • if employed – employment contract and latest payment receipts.
    • if self-employed - proof of status change.
    • retired or unemployed: proof of decent financial conditions to live in France.
  • Health insurance.
  • if you were married or have children, you must present the marriage certificate and birth certificates of your children.
  • Interpretations of every print that is not in French.


After obtaining a long-term English visa in your country of residence, you are given titles to enter and stay in France. However, you must validate your own visa on your French residence permit upon arrival in Frau. This VLS-TS is actually a long-term French visa. It comes in the form of a stamp or sticker in the passport of a foreign national and allows them to enter and stay on German territory for up to 1 year.

About VLS-TS is an abbreviation for Passport de Oblong Séjour - residence permit.

Why do you need VLS-TS?

The following categories should receive the French VLS-TS:

  • Foreign spouse of a French citizen (in this case, the visa is issued unconditionally, unless the spouse is dishonest, or has remained silent, or if the candidate is a danger to public property). Long Term Indian Sex in France for Residence Permit (VLS-TS) - Welcome to France
  • Foreign students.
  • Foreign interns.
  • Foreign workers with an employment contract for an indefinite period.
  • Temporary foreign workers for a fixed period.
  • Employed abroad with occupation in France.
  • Foreign visitors with enough money to support themselves without needing to get paid work.
  • Foreign spouses of a foreign beneficiary on family reunification (not including citizens of North Africa or francophone sub-Saharan Africa when applying for a 10-year residence card for the first time). Study |

How to apply for VLS-TS?

Send the following documents to the OFII office by post:

  • OFFI form for use, fully filled out
  • Adenine's copy of the essential pages of your passport (including the sheets that include getting the actual details pages are visa stickers and stamps)

After receiving these documents, the OFII supervision will register your case and send a letter to the contact you have yourself to invite you to a medical visit and a welcome visit, depending on your case. He has been living in France for several years, in addition, you want to settle in ... You can apply for a residence card. ...

Serves the visa holder as a French residence permit, after being confirmed at the OFII offices in Fra.

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This means that holders are not obliged to apply for a residence permit in France while holding this visa. However, they must validate their visa at the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) within the first 3 days of entering French territory. VLS-TS holders can also obtain a residence permit for private and family use upon entry. In order to extend your stay beyond the validity period of your visa, you must apply for a residence permit at the town hall.

Starting the application for VLS-TS is very easy. To get it, proceed with the steps below, including the specific order:

  1. Application for a long stay in Francea visa valid from 4 months to 1 year from your home place of residence
  2. trip to France
  3. Verification/confirmation of your long-term visas as VLS-TS at the French Office of Immigration and Nationality (OFII) in France

Confirmation of VLS-TS no OFII

If you have a long-term residence visa, within the first 3 months after entering the territory of Switzerland, you must validate it as a VLS-TS residence permit.

The VLS-TS validation operation works like stems:

  1. First, when you get your visa from that French message at home about your stay, you'll also get an OFII form.
  2. Fill out the form and send it to the OFII in the city where you are staying. Attach the scanned pages of your ID showing the identification information and the certified eingangsbereich.
  3. Shortly after receiving the e-mail, OFII lists your file and returns the payment to the correspondence office where you live for payment of the registration fee with a confirmation of payment.
  4. Next, you would like to receive letters to perform the medical visit and welcome to OFII.
  5. During the visit to OFII, present the following research:
    • your passport includes your visa
    • a printout of your residence in France (rent payment certificate, rent, water, electricity bill, type certificate, etc.),
    • an identification document with a photo
    • paper tax stamps or dematerialized tax stamps with wire zahlung proof (variable amount depending on my visa note),
    • a certificate stating that you have been in your country for a medical visit to an OFII-approved physician, if applicable
    • At this point in the validation process, the OFII affixes a sticker and date to the visa holder's passport, when the form authorizing the holder to remain on French territory for a specified period.

OFII fee payable

When you request confirmation of your VLS-TS, you will need to receive a fee. The fee depends on the type of approval you have, as follows:

  • Housing and family life (Swiss spouse or registered spouse through family reunification) – 250 euros
  • Visitor – 250 euros
  • Faculty – €80
  • Trainees – €80
  • Salaried worker – 250 coins (not including temporary workers who are exempt from this payment)

Can I extend My VLS-TS?

If I want to improve your VLS-TS, you must apply for a residence permit within two months before your visa expires. Send your application to the press sub-prefecture of the French prefecture, close the address of your location.


Can my VLS-TS be revoked?

The competent French authorities can revoke your VLS-TS if they conclude that:

  • Maybe you were tricked into getting a trip,
  • You entered France for a purpose other than issuing a visa
  • You participated in public harassment.

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How many types of residence permits are there in Germany? ›

For those wanting to live and work in Germany, there are three different types of residence permit.

What is the difference between residence permit and permanent residence permit? ›

A residence permit is a temporary residence permit issued to a foreigner for a specified period of usually one to two years. It needs to be renewed regularly. Permanent residence is a permanent residence permit. You can get it only after a residence permit, if you have lived in the country for at least five years.

What is Type A resident permit? ›

Annual resident (type A) parking permits are virtual which means that there is no need to display a paper permit in the vehicle. Civil enforcement officers will be able to identify which vehicles have a valid permit from the vehicle registration number.

What are the requirements for French residency? ›

You may apply for a resident card if you:
  • Provide evidence of regular and uninterrupted residence for at least 3 years in France;
  • Arrived in France as a result of a family reunification procedure;
  • Are joining a non European citizen who has a resident card;
Jan 1, 2023

How do I fill out a residence permit in Germany? ›

The process for applying for a Germany residence permit goes as follows:
  1. Enter in Germany with the right Visa. ...
  2. Register your German address. ...
  3. Get Health Insurance. ...
  4. Open a Bank Account. ...
  5. Fill an application form and set an appointment. ...
  6. Have your documents ready. ...
  7. Attend your appointment.

What is the checklist for permanent residence in Germany? ›

Documents required
  • Application. Please file an informal written application. ...
  • Valid passport, together with your EU Blue Card.
  • 1 current biometric photo. ...
  • Proof of income. ...
  • Lease or proof of home ownership. ...
  • Old-age provision. ...
  • Health insurance. ...
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin.

What are the benefits of permanent residence in Germany? ›

Benefits of a Permanent Residence in Germany
  • Work in Germany without restrictions. Any gainful employment is permitted. ...
  • Better credit rating. ...
  • Travel Permit. ...
  • EU Permanent Residence Permit. ...
  • Guaranteed Social Security. ...
  • Apply for financial aid to study at German universities. ...
  • Become a German national.

Can you have 2 permanent residents? ›

The question here is can I have permanent residency in more than one country? Yes. You can.

Is permanent residence the same as permanent residency? ›

A lawful permanent resident is someone who has been granted the right to live in the United States indefinitely. Permanent residence includes the right to work in the U.S. for most employers or for yourself. Permanent residents continue to hold citizenship of another country.

What are the four categories of permanent residents? ›

When immigrating to the US, there are four different types of immigration status categories that individuals may fall into: citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants.

What is the resident type? ›

Residence Type means the type of Residence in which a Fractional Owner is the owner of a Fractional Interest, consisting of a one (1) bedroom Unit with a loft, as more particularly described in attached Exhibit G.

What does permanent resident type mean? ›

Permanent residency is a person's legal resident status in a country or territory of which such person is not a citizen but where they have the right to reside on a permanent basis. This is usually for a permanent period; a person with such legal status is known as a permanent resident.

Can a US citizen get residency in France? ›

An American intending to stay in France for more than 3 months, whether to study, to work or to reside without being gainfully employed, must have the appropriate long-stay visa (“visa de long séjour”) in his passport on arrival in France in order to be able to apply for a “carte de séjour”.

What is the difference between titre de sejour and carte de séjour? ›

In French, the residency permit is translated to Titre de séjour, or Carte de séjour. These terms are absolutely interchangeable; they both refer to the plastic card.

Is it hard to get permanent residency in France? ›

Requirements. To apply for a permanent resident card, you'll need to have lived in France for five years. This can be on a temporary French visa or as an EU/EFTA citizen. As the spouse of a French national, you only need to have lived in France for three years.

Can I travel to USA with German residence permit? ›

German citizens do not need a visa to travel to the US for visits of up to 90 days for tourism, business, or transit purposes. ESTA authorization is granted to German nationals for 2 years or until the associated passport expires, whichever date is sooner.

What is the difference between Blue Card and residence permit? ›

The main differences between the two lie in the rights for your spouse to work in Germany, the right to work in another EU state, and, since the Blue Card is focused on specialized knowledge, a governmental “double-check” to make sure there are no German workers qualified to do the job.

Can a US citizen move to Germany? ›

A residence visa is required if you intend to stay in Germany for more than 90 days for work or study or if you intend to move to Germany permanently.

How much salary required for permanent residence in Germany? ›

If you apply for a Blue Card, your salary must be at least 58,400€ per year (before taxes). If there is a shortage of skilled workers in your field, your salary must be at least 45,552€ per year. This list shows which fields have a shortage of skilled workers.

How long does it take to get a German residence permit? ›

Applications take about 1-3 months to be processed. After the application has been approved by the Aliens' Authority and –if applicable- by the Work Office (Arbeitsagentur), the Embassy or Consulate General will issue a residence permit in the form of a visa, which will include the authorization to work in Germany.

What is the German test for residency? ›

The Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (German Language Test for Immigrants - DTZ) is a certification designed specifically for immigrants in Germany and is usually taken at the conclusion of an integration course. Passing this test is equivalent to achieving a CEFR level A2 or B1.

Does German permanent residence expire? ›

An EU Blue Card or a permanent residence permit under the EU Blue Card does not expire after a 6-month absence from Germany, but only after twelve months. Residence permits for students and researchers do not expire if they make use of the Europe-wide mobility that is part of this residence permit.

How long can I stay outside Germany with permanent residence? ›

As a rule, a residence title expires if its holder remains abroad for more than six months without interruption (section 51 subsection (1) No. 7 of the Residence Act).

How long can you live in Germany with a residence permit? ›

The EU Long-Term Residence Permit

You apply for it at the Ausländerbehörde, and it will allow you to reside in Germany for an indefinite period of time, change jobs, open a business, take out a loan, get student aid, and the same benefits as the Settlement Permit.

What are permanent residents not allowed to do? ›

Permanent residents cannot vote in federal, state, or local elections.); and. Required to register with the Selective Service, if you are a male age 18 through 25.

Can permanent residents be denied entry? ›

Lawful Permanent Resident's (LPR) convicted of certain crimes cannot be denied re-entry into the United States, although they will be referred to an Immigration Hearing to determine deportability. Once a determination of deportability has been made, the LPR status is revoked, and a deportation order handed down.

Can you be denied permanent resident? ›

The U.S. government can deny a green card application ( lawful permanent resident – LPR) if they determine that the individual who is applying for an immigrant visa is “inadmissible” to the United States.

Do permanent residents get Social Security? ›

We will assign you an SSN and issue you a Social Security card after you arrive in the United States. If you already have an SSN, we will issue you a replacement SSN card. We will mail your SSN card to the U.S. mailing address where the Department of Homeland Security will send your Permanent Resident Card.

Can a U.S. citizen stay out of the country for more than 6 months? ›

Absences of more than 365 consecutive days

You must apply for a re-entry permit (Form I-131) before you leave the United States, or your permanent residence status will be considered abandoned. A re-entry permit enables you to be abroad for up to two years.

What rights do permanent residents have? ›

LPRs may accept an offer of employment without special restrictions, own property, receive financial assistance at public colleges and universities, and join the Armed Forces. They also may apply to become U.S. citizens if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

What are the five 5 ways someone can become a permanent resident? ›

There are several quick ways to achieve that goal.
  • Marriage to U.S. Citizen. This is the fastest way to immigrate. ...
  • Immigration through family reunification. ...
  • Political Asylum in the USA. ...
  • Immigration of extraordinary ability people. ...
  • Investment immigration.
Oct 24, 2018

Can a permanent resident be deported? ›

Even someone with a green card (lawful permanent residence) can, upon committing certain acts or crimes, become deportable from the United States and removed. By Ilona Bray, J.D. U.S. law contains a long list of grounds upon which non-citizens or immigrants may be deported (removed) back to their country of origin.

What is high skilled permanent residency? ›

Highly-Skilled Professional (HSP) residency status is granted for five years. However, if you have a status which is not HSP, your current status of residence must be for three years or more.

What determines if you are a resident? ›

You are a resident of the United States for tax purposes if you meet either the green card test or the substantial presence test for the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

What is an example of a residence? ›

The house or apartment where you live is your place of residence. If you're house proud, it means you keep your residence nice and tidy. The act of living in a place is also called residence. You might take up residence in an ancient oak tree when the city threatens to cut it down, for example.

What is the difference between a non resident and a permanent resident? ›

Permanent resident aliens have both a social security number and a green card from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which equates to permanent residency; non-permanent resident aliens have only a social security number and no green card.

What document type is permanent resident? ›

Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

These cards are also known as “Green Cards.” USCIS began issuing this version of the Permanent Resident Card on January 30, 2023.

What is the difference between a U.S. resident and a permanent resident? ›

One of the largest differences between a citizen and permanent resident is that citizens are eligible to receive a U.S. passport issued by the U.S. State Department. Citizens can leave and reenter the United States without any restrictions, whereas a permanent resident may need a reentry permit.

Can a US citizen live in France permanently? ›

To stay long-term, you'll have to apply for a one-year French visa, which has the option for annual renewals. Depending on your circumstances, it can take anywhere from three to ten years to obtain permanent residency. At that point, you assume nearly all of the responsibilities of a French citizen.

Can a retired American move to France? ›

Can an American retire in France? Yes an American can retire in France. For visits longer than 90 days you will need to apply for a visa de séjour temporaire (a residence visa). You cannot apply while on vacation in France, you ust apply for this residency visa from your nearest French consulate in the U.S.

How long can I stay in France if I own a house? ›

If you intend to spend longer than 90 days, then you will now need a Long Stay visa. There are many different types but as a holiday homeowner you will probably apply for a Visa de Long Sejour Temporaire Visiteur. Details are available from the French Government (in English) here .

How long can I stay in France with a carte de sejour? ›

The Carte de Sejour is a French residence permit for people who come to stay in France up to a year, though some of its categories permit the visa holder to stay for three or four years.

What is a sejour in a French house? ›

séjour - living room. serre joint - clamp. sol - ground. sous-couche - under-coat.

Can second home owners in France get a carte de sejour? ›

Answer: A Carte de Séjour is a 'residency card' and, therefore, by nature, only available to those who wish to become residents of France. However, some second-home owners have successfully applied and received a Carte de Séjour, but this may not be legal and is not something that we recommend.

How much income is required for residency in France? ›

Qualified employees must have evidence of the following: Gross annual pay of at least twice the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC), i.e. €41,023 as of January 1, 2023.

Which country is most difficult to get permanent residency? ›

17 Hardest Countries To Get Citizenship [Updated April 2023]
  • Qatar.
  • Vatican City.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Bhutan.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Kuwait.
  • Switzerland.
  • China.

Which countries can I travel with French residence permit? ›

Your status as long-term resident authorizes you, under certain conditions, to reside in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, ...

What is the difference between Blue Card and residence permit in Germany? ›

The main differences between the two lie in the rights for your spouse to work in Germany, the right to work in another EU state, and, since the Blue Card is focused on specialized knowledge, a governmental “double-check” to make sure there are no German workers qualified to do the job.

What forms of housing are there in Germany? ›

  • ein Haus (nt) – D. a house.
  • ein Reihenhaus (nt) – G. a terraced house.
  • ein Zweifamilienhaus (nt) – E. a house for two families.
  • ein Einfamilienhaus (nt) – B. a detached house.
  • eine Wohnung (f) – C. a flat.
  • ein Bungalow (m) – I. a bungalow.
  • ein Wohnblock (m) – H. a block of flats.
  • ein Hochhaus (nt) – F.

How long is a resident permit in Germany? ›

If you have secured a job in Germany, you can be issued with a residence permit valid for up to three years, depending on the planned duration of the employment.

How long is a residence permit in Germany? ›

The German temporary residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) is issued for specific reasons, like work, study or family reunion. It's usually valid for 1 year or a maximum of 4 years and is renewable.

Can someone get a permanent residency in Germany without having EU Blue Card? ›

A German Permanent Residence Permit, sometimes known as a Settlement Permit, can be issued to non-EU citizens who have lived in Germany for more than five years. Among the benefits of such a residence title is that it does not require any prolongation and allows free movement within the eurozone.

How long to get permanent residency in Germany with Blue Card? ›

If you are in possession of an EU Blue Card and fulfil all general requirements, you can receive a permanent residence permit after 33 months. You must have remained in employment and made contributions to the statutory pension scheme for the entirety of that period.

Is Blue Card and residence permit same? ›

The EU Blue Card is a temporary residence permit that is issued for a period of four years as a matter of principle. If the duration of the employment contract is shorter than four years, the EU Blue Card is issued for the duration of the employment contract, plus three months.

What are the most common types of housing? ›

The majority of homes in the U.S. are single-family homes. They're less common in highly populated areas and are typically found in suburbs. Single-family homes are usually more private and offer more options for personalization (barring any homeowners association (HOA) requirements).

What is the most common form of housing? ›

Single-Family Home

A single-family home is a detached building built on a lot. They are the most common type of house; around 70 percent of Americans live in a single-family home.

Can I live in Germany as a US citizen? ›

A residence visa is required if you intend to stay in Germany for more than 90 days for work or study or if you intend to move to Germany permanently.

Can an American retire in Germany? ›

Once you prove that you have adequate financial means and health insurance, you are issued a residence permit and can stay in Germany for the issued period and spend your retirement there.

Does German permanent residence permit expire? ›

Generally, a German residence permit expires once the holder has left Germany for a period of six months. There are some exceptions to this, mainly where the person has left Germany with Germany's interests playing a departure role.

How long can you stay out of Germany on a residence permit? ›

Overstaying the six-month limit period with regard to stays abroad. As a rule, a residence title expires if its holder remains abroad for more than six months without interruption (section 51 subsection (1) No. 7 of the Residence Act).

Can a US green card holder travel to Germany without visa? ›

Foreigners in US with a residence permit (US Green card holders) with validity shorter than three months beyond their planned date of leaving Germany will have to obtain a visa in order to be permitted to enter Germany.


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