NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro: older overview (2023)

Registered staff

Medical staff per patient (2021)

Not less:












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Installation inspections

Note B-not less

Although we generally do not qualify this installation, we want the inspection to be the defects.We concentrate in particular on the seriousness of these defects.If this place had some defects in his inspection report, none of them were based on the CMS deficiency scale.Finally, CMS marked this older at home through possible abuse or negligence.This is not what you want to see.We recommend that you steer your search in another place.

Short -term care quality

Note B-not less

The short -term care evaluation of this older house is one of its highest classes.The older people have a B-B-B-B-B rating in this area.Our short-term care rating is often used to evaluate the performance of a house of older people with rehabilitation.Highly qualified rehabilitation services, the facilities generally have to submit a better level of special care.These types of services include registered nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists and other types of therapists.This place was uncomfortable with regard to its physiotherapy and its extent of physiotherapy and uncomfortable nursing times, which were made available to their residents in accordance with the measures we assessed.We most recently evaluated based on the percentage of the residents who were able to return home to this installation.We found that 6 percent of the residents of this installation were able to return home.This number was far below average.

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Long -term care quality

Class: C

The third area we evaluate is long -term care.And to protect them.After observing the attention granted by the nurses, we use the installation vaccination records.We were a little worried about the fact that this at home observed the older people at home vaccinated only 86,191536 percent of its residents against pneumonia.However, this installation was able to keep their patients away from the hospital.She had less than a hospital stay for every 1,000 days of long -term residents, which is an impressive number.

Nurse quality

Class: C

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The next area we look at is nursing.We grant a C rating in this category.This is basically a path of the street in this area.When calculating our care classes, we weigh both the level of personnel and the training level of training for training.and training levels of the nurses.This older person offers 0.4 hours of care per resident.This is a much lower number than we are used to.He has coupled a little for his nursing times and noticed some of these quality measures.With less than five percent of his residents who support pressure ulcers, he did remarkably well in this metric.This is often good care of the display quality.Pressure ulcers can often be prevented by better maintaining care, e.g.B. by turning a patient system as a system at least once a day.

Time qualification

Compared to national and state average values in all facilities.

NHC Healthcare, Qualitätsmetrik Murfreesboro

Minimize pressure ulcers

Grado B

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,8,8%Patients had pressure ulcers

This shows the percentage of patients who have suffered pressure ulcer.Pressure ulcers are skin damage because it remains in the same position for an excessive period of time.

Minimizes heavy falls

Note B-not less

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,3,44%Patients had serious falls

These statistics show him the percentage of long -term care patients who have suffered a fall that caused serious injuries.Falls can occur for a variety of reasons, but the excessive number of falls could be a sign of poor care.

Minimizes infections in the urinary tract

Completion: f

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,3,08%The patients had Uti

This shows him the percentage of residents who have suffered an infection in the urinary tract.Urine infections are considered an indicator of the quality of care in the older house.Harn infections are often the result of poor care, but this data point can also be misleading.For certain older houses due to different reports on reports for these infections.

Use antipsychotics appropriate

Class: C

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,15,67%Patients use antipsychotics

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This number measures the percentage of long -term care residents to those who are prescribed antipsychotics are not medically specified.However, some older houses have to trust these medication because they have more patients with Alzheimer's or other dementia.

Use proper fear medication

Class: C

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,29,51%Patients use fear medication

This is the percentage of patients with prescribed Antanti -Drug medication.Residents who experience anxiety and depression are given anti -performance medication.

Treat depression among the residents

Grado B

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,9,05%from patient

This is the percentage of patients with signs of depression.

Suitable vaccine consumption

Class: C

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,89,05%from patient

This metric is a measure of the percentage of the residents of long -term payments that have been vaccinated against pneumonia and flu.

The residents keep autonomy

Completion: f

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,16,44%Percentage of patients

This data point is a measure of the percentage of the residents of long -term care, which over time has greater support in the daily activities for the lifespan of a resident.

Ability to keep mobile residents

Grade A-further

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,24,2%Percentage of the residents

This metric pursues the percentage of the residents of long -term attention that have retained mobility.

Hospital stays

Note B-further

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,1.27Hospital stays per 1,000 days of the resident

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This shows you the amount of hospital stays per 1,000 days of attention.Therefore, there is a connection between fewer hospital stays and the general quality of care.

Short -term care: rehospitalization

Completion: f

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,24.2Percentage of rehospitaled residents

This shows that the residents of short -term attention will be rehospital for a thousand days.

Short -term attention:

Grade A-not less

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,11.03Percentage of patients

This data point measures the number of visits to the emergency room for short -term patient care for every 1,000 days.

Short -term attention: makes it easier to improve the functional improvement

Grado B

En NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro,73,13%Proportion of residents

This is a measure of the percentage of the residents of short -term attention that occurred functional improvements than a greater ability to carry out everyday activities.Many believe that this is a reasonable measure of the rehabilitation performance of an installation.

Murfreesboro results, TN

  • The general qualification has a B rating

    AVG.General qualifications

  • The nurse assessment has a B evaluation

    AVG. Calification of the nurse

  • The long-term care assessment has a B-further

    AVG.Long -term attention qualification

  • The short -term care -Rating has a B -rating

    AVG. Calification at short notice

  • The inspection evaluation has an A-not less


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