Top 45 visa-free countries for Nigerians - th (2023)

Top 45 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

If you have your national passport as a Nigerian and are wondering if there are any free countries to travel to without a visa, worry no more. There are visa-free countries in Nigeria that you can travel to for a relatively short period of time. However, some of these visa-free Nigerian countries may grant you a visa on arrival for a certain period of time. Therefore, you will need to know the Nigerian visa requirements for the country you wish to travel freely to.

You may need to obtain a student visa for study travel as these visa-free Nigerian countries offer a short period of stay.

However, you may want to satisfy your hunger for adventure without the extra expense of a visa. Following our comprehensive list will help you achieve this.

Currently, Nigerian citizens do not have a visa orViewupon arrival, access to only 45 countries. Most of these countries are located on the African continent.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of those visa free Nigerian countries. In addition, we have categorized these countries by continent for easier understanding and navigation.

List of visa free countries for Nigerians

Henley Passport Indexranks the Nigerian passport 98th in terms of freedom of travel. This is because we can only access 45 countries visa-free or via visa-on-arrival. In the near future, Nigeria may rank higher as the list is constantly changing.

With the introduction of the e-Visa, you can access more countries for free with Visa on Arrival. This is a progressive trend that some countries in Gabon Africa have adopted but have not yet approved visa on arrival.

However, here are 45 countries you can enter visa-free with your Nigerian passport.

BarbadosHaitiSaint Kitts and Nevis
Republika BeninWantSamoa
Burkina FasoKenyaSenegal
CameroonMadagascarSierra Leone
Kabo VerdeThe MaldivesSomalia
ChambersMauritaniaSouth Ossetia
Costa do MarfimMauricijusThe Gambia
DominicaMicronesiatimor lido
fiji swellRepublic of NigerTransnistria

Therefore, we will describe these countries based on their continents and the type of visa-free access - completely free or visa on arrival.

In addition, we will explain the visa requirements for each of these countries that you can visit without a visa with yoursNigeriaPassport.

African countries

The African continent has the highest number of countries that a Nigerian can visit without a visa with their Nigerian passport. Some of these countries share the same border with Nigeria, while others are visa-free due to some trade or regional agreements.

Anyway, Nigerians can visit some countries in Africa with their visa-free or visa-on-entry passports.

African countries that are absolutely free

Nigerians can visit sixteen (16) African countries visa-free with their national passports. However, these countries are mostly West African countries like Nigeria.

Here is a list of visa free countries for Nigerians.

Republika BeninThe GambiaRepublic of Niger
Burkina FasoGanaSenegal
CameroonGuineaSierra Leone
Kabo VerdeGuinea-BissauI
Costa do MarfimMali
Republika Benin

This is a West African country bordering Nigeria. Because of this and because they are members of the Economic Community of West African States with Nigeria, Nigerians can enter without a visa. Pendjari National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in March 2009, is located in the Republic of Benin. However, the Nigeria visa requirement for this country is a 90-day visa-free stay.

Burkina Faso

Like the Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso is also a West African country. The name of the country literally translates as "Land of honest people". Burkina Faso has a significant amount of gold reserves. Meanwhile, Burkina Faso is a visa-free country for Nigeria, and the visa requirement is to stay as long as you can afford a return ticket.


This is a country in Central Africa that borders Nigeria. Cameroon speaks French andEnglishand like Nigeria, it has bothMuslimseChristianmake up its population. About that,Cameroonit is a visa free country of Nigeria and its visa for Nigerians is 90 days stay. However, while you are in Cameroon, you can visit the Limbe Botanical Garden or the Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe.

Kabo Verde

This is a West African country colonized by Portugal. About,Kabo Verdeit is an island country with a great tourist attraction, as well as a variety of fresh fruits. This is also one of the visa free countries for Nigerians.


Chad is located in Central Africa and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. If you like adventure in nature, you can visit Zakouma National Park in Chad. Meanwhile, Chad is another visa-free Nigerian country with a 3-month visa requirement for Nigerians.

Costa do Marfim

The capital of this West African country, Abidjan, is dotted with hills and lush tropical flora.Costa do Marfimit is also one of Nigeria's visa-free countries. Nigerians can visit the country without worrying about paying for a visa.

The Gambia

This is a West African country that occupies the entire length of the Gambia River Valley, as well as the surrounding hills. The Gambia is also the smallest country in Africa. A wonderful place to visit in this peaceful country is the beautiful Sanyang Beach. The Gambia is also one of Nigeria's visa-free countries.


Of course, Ghana is located in West Africa and is a member of ECOWAS as is Nigeria. However, Ghana is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination with its historical artifacts of the slave trade, as well as beautiful beaches such as Kokrobita and Winneb. Meanwhile, Nigerians can enter this country without a visa or with a visa on arrival.


Guinea is also a West African country with large deposits of natural resources, including bauxite and gold. It is also one of the countries that offers visa-free access to Nigerians.


Like Guinea, Gineau-Bissa is also a West African country. This country borders Guinea to the south and east and Senegal to the north. Although this country has a large number of forests and chimpanzees, it is also a visa-free country for the Nigerian passport.


The Liberals are a West African country with strong ties to the United States. There are also several exotic beaches in and around the capital Monrovia. Meanwhile, the country offers visa-free access to Nigerians.


Mali is located in the Sahel region of Africa. Although it has a difficult past, Mali has four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is also a visa-free country for Nigerians holding a Nigerian passport.

Republic of Niger

Niger Republic is located in West Africa like Nigeria and also belongs to the same regional body - ECOWAS. Although the country also borders Nigeria, it offers visa-free access to Nigerians with a Nigerian passport.


This is also a West African country teeming with wildlife. Also,Senegalit is a member of ECOWAS, like Nigeria. Mainly for this reason, the country is visa-free for Nigerians with a Nigerian passport. However, the Nigerian visa for this country is 90 days.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is also a West African country as well as a member of ECOWAS. Some of the tourist attractions in the country are the beaches of Freetown and Banana Island. Meanwhile, this district is also Nigeria's visa-free country for Nigerians holding a national passport.


Togo is a West African country that has a large number of white sandy beaches, hills and mountains. This country also provides visa-free access to Nigerians.

Entry visa for African countries

Compared to the absolutely free African countries Nigerian passport holders can visit, there are fewer countries here. Nigerians can visit a total of twelve (12) African countries for free with Visa on Arrival. Also, most of the countries here are East African countries.

Here is a list of entry visas to African countries for Nigerians.


This is an island country in East Africa facing Mozambique to the east and Madagascar to the northwest. One ofChambersThe island's tourist attraction is Lac Sale. However, Nigerians may need a visa on arrival to enter this country.


Ethiopia is located in East Africa, on the Horn of Africa. It is a rugged, landlocked country divided by the Great Rift. Furthermore, it is the most populous country in Africa with a population of 106 million people. One of the great places in the country is Aksum, the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and the church of Nossa Senhora Maria de Zion. Meanwhile, the country offers Nigerians with a Nigerian passport an eVisa as well as a visa on arrival for up to 90 days.


Kenya is also located in East Africa and has a thriving wildlife where tourists travel on Safari. This country is also one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Africa. However, this beautiful land of savannah plains and rainforests offers Nigerians with a Nigerian passport visa-on-arrival access. Also, like Ethiopia, Kenya offers an e-visa and for Nigeria it is 90 days of free stay.


Also, in Madagascar, which is also in East Africa, you can enter the country as a Nigerian through Visa on Arrival. Although it is located in Africa, people call Madagascar the eighth continent with its unique ecology. It is also an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, which is a beautiful sight in itself. Madagascar is also a visa country for Nigeria. Also, the requirement for a Nigerian visa for this country is 90 days of free stay.


Mauritania is located between Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Senegal and the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. You can ride through the desert in Chinguetti on a camel as far as the fee allows. About that,Mauritaniaoffers Nigerian passport holders access only on arrival.


This is also an East African country located along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has extensive beaches suitable for diving, as well as impressive volcanic peaks. Although both French and English are spoken in the country, it only offers an entry visa to Nigerian passport holders. Also, the Nigerian visa requirement for this country is two weeks of free stay.


This is the only country in South Africa that offers visa-free access to Nigerians. Mozambique is located on the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean. This is the ideal place for you if you like beaches and diving. Meanwhile, Mozambique offers Nigerian passport holders a visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.


Let's go back to East African countries, we have Seychelles. This country is located on the coast of East Africa, in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is an island country bordering other islands such as Zanzibar, Madagascar and Mauritius. You can already imagine the beauty of the country. However, Seychelles offers Nigerians a visitor's permit on arrival. Also, Nigerian visa for Seychelles is required for three (3) months.


Somalia is also in East Africa. It is a land of enticing landscapes, extreme weather conditions and rich animal life. If you are an animal lover, you will see different animals from meerkats to lions in the Lag-Badana Park Zoo. However,Somaliait is a visa for Nigeria in the country of arrival and the visa requirement is 30 days free stay.


This country is, by name, an autonomous region of Somalia, but the region has declared itself a state. Meanwhile, like Somalia, it is located in East Africa. Laas Geel Cave, in the rural suburbs of Hargeisa, Somaliland, contains some of the earliest known cave paintings in the Horn of Africa. However, like Somalia, Nigerians can gain access to the country through a visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.


Uganda is also located in the East African region of Africa. Many people know this country as the Pearl of Africa, and the country has many species of African fauna. Although you can have a really enjoyable gorilla tracking adventureUganda, the country is also a Nigerian visa in the country of arrival. Also, Uganda offers eVisa along with Visa on Arrival and you can apply online.

American countries

Nigerians cannot only travel on the African continent without a visa or with a visa on arrival. Nigerians can also access a limited number of countries on the American continent.

There are currently only four (4) Nigerian visa free countries in America and luckily, they are all absolutely visa free. these countries areBarbados,Dominic,Haiti,eSaint Kitts and Nevis.


This country is located in the Caribbean regions of North America. Barbados is located in the western part of the North Atlantic, as well as east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea. Plus, Barbados is your beach spot, if you live to see beaches. Meanwhile, the country offers Nigerians visa-free access and the visa requirement for Nigeria is a maximum free stay of six (6) months.


Like Barbados, Dominica is also a Caribbean region of North America. However, Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean island with waterfalls, canyons, hot springs and rainforests. Dominica is a great place for lovers and those looking for a vacation. Although Dominica is a visa-free country of Nigeria, a visa is required for a maximum stay of six (6) months.

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Haiti is also a North American country. It occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. like Dominica,Haitiit is also a mountainous Caribbean island. So this is a place for hikers and explorers. Also, while Haiti allows Nigerians absolute visa-free access to the country, you can only stay for three months without a visa.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island nation in the West Indies region of North America. Also, this is a country with mountains and beaches shrouded in clouds. Saint Kitts is a beautiful island with Crater Lake, green monkeys and a rainforest crisscrossed with hiking trails. This is definitely another place for hikers. Meanwhile, Nigerians visiting the country without a visa can only stay for 30 days.

Asian countries

Just as Nigerian passport holders can visit some countries in America without a visa, they can also visit some countries in Asia. There are currently five (5) Nigerian visa free countries in the Asian continent. these countries areCambodia,Want,The Maldives,timor lido, ePalestine. However, only Palestine, of these five Asian countries, gives Nigerians absolutely visa-free entry. The other four issue visas on arrival to Nigerians.


Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia. Apart from the benevolent and hospitable nature of its people, Cambodia also has some exotic beaches worth visiting. Meanwhile, this Asian country gives Nigerians free entry into their country through a visa on arrival visa is required for Nigeria for a maximum stay of 30 days. In addition, Cambodia also offers eVisa.


This is a popular Middle East Asian country. In 1935, the country became Persian Iran, as it was formerly called. Meanwhile, Iran offers pleasant walks to its ancient cities, Armenian churches and museums. However, Iran is a visa for Nigeria on arrival and the duration of your visa stay is a maximum of 30 days.

The Maldives

This country is located in South Asia and consists of more than a thousand coral islands, excluding tourist islands. Couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon come to this land of rich agriculture and beaches where you can surf. Meanwhile, you get free access to this country as a Nigerian via visa on arrival and are limited to 30 days of stay.

timor lido

Many call this country Timor-Leste. It is located in Southeast Asia and northwest of Australia on the Lesser Sunda Islands. Despite being a small country, Timor-Leste is one of your destinations if you want to dive and explore the sea. About that,Read Timorallows Nigerians free access to the country through a visa on arrival. Furthermore, the Nigeria visa application states a maximum stay of 30 days.


Palestine, whose capital is Jerusalem, is located in Western Asia. Although Palestine may not be a tourist attraction, the country has more historical, religious and cultural heritage than perhaps any other place in the world. Therefore, there are more Muslims and Christians who visit the country on pilgrimage. Meanwhile, this Nigeria is a visa-free country, but you are not allowed to enter the country by sea all the way to the Gaza Strip.

countries of Oceania

The continent of Oceania encompasses the eastern and western hemispheres and includesAustralia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Nigerian passport holders can also explore these parts absolutely free without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

There are currently six Nigerian visa-free countries in Oceania. They areMicronesia,Vanuatu,Fiji,Palau,Tuvalu, eSamoa. Also,micronesia,Vanuatu, eFijithey arecountries without visasto visit Nigerians. However,Palau,Tuvalu, eSamoasupply Nigerianseen on arrival.


The Republic of Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean and has 333 islands. Furthermore, Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific. Fiji, with its gorgeous islands, has some of the most exotic beaches and diverse marine life, as well as beautiful tropical scenery. Meanwhile, Fiji only allows Nigerian passport holders four (4) months of absolute visa-free residency.

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The Federated States of Micronesia, made up of 600 islands, stretches across the western Pacific Ocean. Some of the beautiful photos of beaches in the shade of palm trees are from this country. You can also dive shipwrecks and see ancient ruins like those at Nan Madol in Micronesia. You can do all this because Micronesia is a visa-free country for national passport holders. However, their visa waiver request only allows a 30-day stay.


Vanuatu is located in the southwest Pacific and has 83 islands. This country has attractive tourist attractions such as Yasur Volcano in Tanna and Coolidge Diving in Santo. Like Fiji and Micronesia, Vanuatu also offers Nigerians with a Nigerian passport visa-free access to the country for 30 days.


Palau is also located in Oceania and is famous for its jellyfish ponds. Furthermore, like most countries in Oceania, Palau is also an ideal place for diving with commendable dive sites such as The Blue Corner and the German Channel. However, Palau grants a Nigerian visa on arrival and the Nigerian visa application for Palau only states a 30 day stay.


Samoa is located in the South Pacific of Oceania, between Hawaii and New Zealand. This island country is a beauty to behold with its abundant waterfalls, caves, beaches and museums. A typical honeymoon spot. However, like Palau, you can get free entry into Samoa with your Nigerian passport through a visa on arrival. But unlike Palau, Samoa offers a 90-day stay.


This ocean country is made up of a group of low-lying islands along the South Pacific. Although Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world and lacks the architectural sophistication of other tourist countries, it has a strong traditional culture. It's your place for quiet palm-fringed beaches and sunset watching. However, your visa-free entry as a Nigerian passport holder is through a 30-day visa on arrival.

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European countries

You may be disappointed to learn that you cannot enter popular European countries or even the US visa-free as a Nigerian for free. However, you should take some comfort in the fact that you can actually visit two countries in Europe without visa restrictions. these countries areTransnistriaeSouth Ossetia.


Transnistria is officially the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova and is located in Europe. However, the country was not fully recognized and separated from Moldova after the collapse of the USSR. However, you can walk through Pobeda Park and see most of its monuments, such as the Lenin and Kotovsky monuments. You can do this by using visa-free access to the country for Nigerian passport holders. Unfortunately, you will have to apply for a visa after 24 hours in the country.

South Ossetia

Although a breakaway country from Georgia, South Ossetia can be a place to visit. The country is located between Asia and Europe, occupying the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus and the foothills of the Kartalin Valley.

This country is located in a mountainous area and might tickle your desire to visit if you are a mountaineer. However, South Ossetia offers Nigerian passport holders visa-free access to the country, but you must have a visa for multiple entries into Russia. In addition, you must give three days before entering the country.


The fact that there are currently 45 countries that Nigerians can visit without visa restrictions or with a visa on arrival does not mean that it will remain so. Stay in touch with us for updates as the number of countries may increase or decrease.

Meanwhile, there are 28 African countries Nigerian passport holders can visit completely visa-free or with a visa on arrival. Furthermore, there are 4 US countries that Nigerians can visit without visa restrictions, all of which are North American countries.

In addition, you can visit 5 Asian countries, 6 Oceania countries and 2 European countries visa-free or visa-on-arrival as a Nigerian passport holder.

Common questions

How can I apply for a visa as a Nigerian?

You can apply for a visa as a Nigerian by simply going to your local consulate with your international passport and an application form that can be found online.

Which countries do not have visas for Nigerian citizens?

Several countries are visa-free for Nigerian citizens including Bolivia, Cambodia, Ghana, etc. You can access the full list of all visa-waiver eligible countries in this article.

Which countries are visa free for Nigerian passport holders?

Several countries are visa-free for Nigerian passport holders, such as Cape Verde and Mauritania, as described in the article.

How can I get an international passport as a Nigerian?

You can apply for an international passport as a Nigerian by visiting the Nigerian Immigration Service Portal.

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