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1. Passports
2. Enrollment at Campus France
3. Application for a visa to France
4. Reservations and participants receive a visa appointment5. Completion of visa processing once in France

Show US Academic Semester and Year Students must meet the requirements set by the French government to study abroad with IAU. Since IAU semester and academic year programs in Aix-en-Provence last longer than 90 days, US passport holders must obtain a student visa. Non-US passport holders may require a student or tourist visa to enter and are encouraged to consult the French Consulate website to determine when a student or tourist visa is required and to learn more about the requirements. Carefully and timely follow the instructions below and the process will be many times easier. The information is listed in the order in which each step must be performed.

Forpopulation outside the USor those who have retained citizenship in a Schengen country (specific European countries), see the section below this page that discusses these steps and/or requirements.

Download from fake sites:Visa competitors may be advised to exercise caution in any dealings with companies claiming to offer visa preservation assistance.


All students studying in France need a passport valid for at least six months after the declaration of exit, in good standing, issued within the last 10 years and with at least 2 blank pages.passportsmust be registered five months prior to departure date by vehicle with an American passport (Boston, Stops, Honeymoon, Los Angeles, New, Brand Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Sangh Franciscans, Seattle, Washington, DC) ; by adenine Mailing Clerk appointed by the Postmaster General; Clerk of any federal court; or a judge or officer of any executing court. It is absolutely necessary to have a passport before applying for a visa.

looking for arequest for approval:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of USADA citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, consular report or maternity certificate, with previous passport)
  • completed application forms
  • photos (two color duplicates of passport size)
  • taxa

Are is also aquick passport selectionwith someone's additional fee. For more information, visit the US Department of State website.

Upon receipt of the passport, check that all information is correct. If not, return it with a correction to the application office; under no circumstances should you apply it yourself. Keep a photocopy of the information on the first two pages of your passport; in the elegant case of loss, this news will be very useful for obtaining a replacement.

For students studying abroad for a short-term program, please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 years beyond the intended period of stay.

Applying for a long-term travel visa

Step 1: Campus France user

Students with semester and study rates must register at Campus France before obtaining a long-term student visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS). Complete these steps as soon as possible and receive your IAU acceptance packet later!

Start the travel process by filling out the online part of the Our Finland form (myEtudes en Fraaccount) and usingGuide to the Study of Franceas a useful reference. Follow the instructions for “Study Abroad and Duplicate Pre-Consular Diploma”.

After submitting your application for Campus France on this Study on Finland platform, you will pay the online processing fee to Campus France USAthrough this link.This has to be overimmediately after completing your online portion of the View France application. Payment completes the application submission process for View France.

*Two are available to send your documents to Campus France:

  • Regular Service ($250) -- You will receive a confirmation email within 3 weeks
  • Express Service ($390) -- You will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days

If you have completed your application correctly, they will receive confirmation of your acceptance letter (within the deadline if specified above), allowing you to see that Campus France UNITES has reviewed and approved your application.You must bring this function to your visa appointment, so be sure to back it up and print it out.

*Note to consultants: Student France also offers a bulk mailing option for production uses of Campus France. Counselors can submit a group of student applications to Campus France (at least five applications) and process them within 5-7 working confirmto learn more about this service.

Step 2: Apply for a visa to France

After registering at Campus France, students must complete a student visa application viaFrance-All.Students are even required to apply for a long-term student visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS).This type of visa allows students toto study in France for four months to a year.Start this process as soon as possible to avoid delaying the arrival of your visa. Getting to your visa appointment can also involve long distances, as you will need to plan ahead. Campus France mentioned starting the process at least two before he was supposed to go to France. Priority is given to graduates who are starting with which processes soon.

Students must log in from an account to completeFrance-Allenrollment immediately after completing the enrollment process at Campus France. Be sure to fill out the carefully prepared form with the exact dates of arrival and departure from France.washstep by step guidecarefully when filling out the visa form for France.

After completing this registration, students will receive a directory detailing the additional documents that need to be collected and brought to the student dates. Please follow this list carefully as the required documents may vary depending on the group that visited the Visa Application Center. You should also review whichGuidelines for student visas - 2022-2023with regard to visa scheduling guidelines and required documents until they are issued.

Tips for completing a visa appeal:

  • Use European date format - MM/DD/YYYY
  • National Identification Number - leave blank
  • In "Your plans:"VolumeThe purpose of stay is "Student" (even when completing an IAU internship, select a possible "student".only)
  • Under "Your information:" The current stellenbesetzung belongs to "Student"
    • Please provide the university name, city, state, email address of your study abroad advisor
  • Under "Your stay:" indicate the dates you will arrive and leave France
    • Your CEF number is yoursStudiesemFrancenumber.
  • Under "Your contacts": A company or organization will place me
    • Use the IAU-ACM address(as you are an Aix student):
      Institute for American Universities-American Higher of the Mediterranean
      2 until the Good Shepherd repents
      13100, Aix-en-Provence, CEDEX 1, Francuska
      Fax: +33 0/4 42 23 02 82
      Fax: +33 0/4 42 21 11 38
      [email protected]Contact: Kurt Schick
      • This section is very important-- pleasereach nothe choice that "the person will accommodate me". This will lead to a delay in your visa.
  • Ponovi - Nastavi

download support
Carefully read the materials required for the consultation that you received after completing your French visa application. You should also check out this guide:Student visa policy - 2022-2023to review the guidelines for scheduling an appointment and the documents that need to be brought. Bring at least 2 copies of everything. Some of the main things to look out for:

  • The most recent degree completed would be your high school diploma.
  • Accommodation isPrecipitationemailed to you in your admissions package.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds includes a scholarship certificate or a bank certificate proving deposits into a bank account of at least 615 euros per month, conversely, a spread of expenses from the sponsor who can deploy evidence of sufficient, reliable and regular funds. If you provide bank statements from parents or sponsors, copies (and the original version) of their NAME and a certified letter stating that they take full financial responsibility for your expenses during your stay abroad may also be requested.

Step 3: Schedule and attend your visa appointment

Students will attend visa counseling in person at the VFS Global Visa Application Center (VAC). You can view the complete list of locations of these centershere. Students can actually attend their appointment at any VAC location in the US.Please note that VACs are only located in the following cities: Washington DC, Boston, Modern York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. So it may require a long journey depending on where you live.

You want to make your appointment at the VAC immediately after completing your French visa application. Appointments are booked weeks, sometimes months in advance and can fill up quickly. If you are late, you risk not getting a visa when you leave. Einer consultations can determine the time of the visitVFS World Booking Platforma.Register with an account, select VAC


and the time of our date. The reservation fee is approximately $35. Instructions on how to navigate the VFS Global stand are also

**Be sure to date your visa no more than 3 months before your planned start, but with enough text for the consulate or visa processing center to send you your passport before arriving in Lyons.

When booking an appointment, be sure to schedule it3 weeks after and on the date you submitted your documents to Campus France,or a total of 3 jobs after the date she issued the documents for Campus Toulouse. This intention allows enough time for you to receive a confirmation email/acceptance letter from Campus France for your visa appointment. You do not have to wait for a Campus France license to schedule your appointment. However, you will not be able to enter your visa appointment without a confirmation email/acceptance letter from Student France. A visa fee of approximately USD 60 can be paid by credit card during your VFS Global appointment.

It will take approximately 4 to 6 months after which the US student visa will receive its visit after the arrangement. (There is an optional fee of about $35 to mail passports after your visa is processed). For international students, this can take up to three months, so read all the information on the visa website carefully.**This means that students must make their visa appointments approximately 6 weeks (more than 6 weeks for universal students) before their departure date.Otherwise, graduates risk not being able to leave the program within the required time frame.

*The French consulate in Washington, IGNITION is the only consulate that still offers visa appointments. Students visiting the French Consulate in Washington, DC will have the option of making a visa appointment at the VAC or at the Consulate.

Step 4: Completing the visa process once you are in France

Comparing the long-term visa with the student residence permit, the second "student" VLS-TS, allows you to study in Toulouse for four months to a year. You will need to validate your long-term student visa (VLS-TS) within three months of your arrival in France. This process is completeon the line.Once it expires, you must apply for a residence permit to stay in France.

Confirm your student visa, followthese instructions. You will need:
  • A valid e-mail address
  • your visa
  • Dates of your program in France
  • Address of your residence while studying on the program in France
  • Payment card for paying the fee required for issuing a residence permit

Important note: After students arrive at the IAU campus for orientation, local staff can guide them through the approval process.

who are not US citizens

Scholars working for the following worldwide do not need to apply for a long-term student visa: Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican City, San Marino, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dach, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland , Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mtala, United States, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden. PR student visa

For citizens of any other country, visit the website of your country's French consulate to determine visa requirements. The permit process for non-US citizens can take much longer than securing contact with citizens, so start the application process as soon as possible or risk not getting your visa through the zeitraum. If you need a visa, pleasecontact this US Departmentimmediately for help.

In addition, prior to arrival in France, non-US citizens must confirm


the requirements of the countries to be visited, in addition to obtaining the necessary visas for travel within Europe.

Resources and permit costs

Expect the absolute cost of obtaining an Adenine student pass for France to be between $400 and $600 (not including travel costs to the visa appointment), depending on the services selected.

Before you start the student approval process, check this checklist to make sure they have everything you need and are familiar with the general steps!

  • Apply for a passport (or make sure your current passport meets all the requirements for international travel)
  • Registration in Campus France also fills out the form. References to yoursstep by step guidefor help.
  • doneFrance-Allapplication and schedule your appointment at the VFS International Visa How Center. Appointments are booked weeks/months in advance and can fill up quickly. Therefore, if you delay, you risk getting your visa on time. You do not have to wait for approval from Campus France before reserving your book. However, you need a letter of acceptance from a university in France before going to the VFS Global Center, so make your appointment at least 3-4 weeks after you have completed your Student France application in full (if you have chosen the regular service option).
  • Receive confirmation email/source of acceptance from Campus France and proof of payment. Keep these documents for your personal visa consultation.
  • Collect the additional documents required for the above visa appointment (seethis checklist). Take with at least 2 complete copies.
  • Attend your personal permit consultation at the VFS Global Visa Application Center. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.
  • Receive your application and validate it within three months of receiving the insert when you are in France.


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