Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful In 2023 (2023)

In case you missed it, the age of video is upon us — and it's estimated to be worth $135 billion by 2023. Vlogging, Tik Tok channels, Instagram Reels, and of course YouTube have all been rising in popularity lately. We live in a visually oriented virtual world and video helps shape everything.

Digital is, of course, another buzzword that's been making the rounds and needless to say, it's the world we currently live in. This creates digital, virtual spaces, such asThe social media platform, have become a focal point for many. It's an easy way to interact with the rest of the world without physical interaction. It's a way to arrive and like never before85%the merchant agrees.

What is video marketing?

Using video for marketing means incorporating video techniques into a marketing strategy to promote a brand, product, service or message.Videomarketingeffectively inform your audience and help increase engagement across social and digital channels.

When it comes to using video for marketing, it's really simple. Your marketing team creates videos that directly or indirectly promote your company and brand, increase sales, increase awareness of your company's products and services, or engage existing customers. and potential buyers. Video marketing is a data-driven discipline. Because of this, your marketing department needs to interact with customers and monitor various related metrics.

In general, 2023 video marketing is just part of an overall marketing or advertising strategy. However, it turns out that the role of video marketing is very important today thanks to the Internet and social networks.

Why Video Content Matters in 2023

To prove how powerful video marketing is, let's take a look at it.Tendenciesby 2023. First, let's look at the number of companies using video marketing as part of their marketing arsenal - a staggering 86%! Additionally, 93% of these markers indicated that video marketing is one of the most important aspects of their marketing strategy.

Furthermoreto look forfound that not only do marketers believe in the power of video marketing, but consumers are also looking for it. 84% of surveyed customers said that marketing videos tend to convince them to invest in a product or service. They are also more likely to share videos than other forms of content. Cisco reported that, by 2023, online traffic will be primarily video content - about 80% of it.

Benefits of video marketing

1. Video increases conversion rates

Video should be viewed as an investment - according to HubSpot, including video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%!

Watching engaging presentations and videos can influence buying behavior and convert a visitor into a lead (or a way to convert them into a customer!) rather than just reading the same message.

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Making the right impression through video is a powerful marketing tool! Also, depending on the desired look, they can serve as in-app tutorials or testimonials.

2. Video is a great addition to yourE-Mail-Marketing-Campaign

We are all inundated with email and it is becoming more and more difficult to get people to open your email.

Simply using "video" in your subject line can increase open rates and decrease sign-up rates. Videos in an email result in an impressive 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

But for the most part, there's no denying that watching a video is easier than sitting and reading a text, right? This is especially effective when showing how you use your product or expressing something that cannot be achieved in writing.

3. Search engines love videos

Search engines look for content that engages viewers. There's nothing that holds users for longer than a video.

And when you post your videos both on YouTube and on your website, your visibility and chances of appearing in searches will increase significantly.

4. Video builds trust and credibility

Videos are the perfect way to add personality to your business and brand, helping you connect with your audience and earn their trust. 90% of users say product videos help with decision making.

The more videos you have to educate and inform your customers, the more you build that foundation of trust. And trust leads to sales.

5. Video supports social sharing

Let's face it: this is the age of the viral video. And 92% of mobile video users share videos with others.

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This is your chance to have fun and show what your business is all about. Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger and you are only limited by your imagination. From creating explainer videos to using Facebook Live, there are many options to choose from. It's not just for other big brands, everyone should be in the video.

Video content that works

When it comes to digital marketing, video marketing is key. But what works? Live video has become an important way for brands to reach and connect with potential customers. Additionally, videos should be considered part of yourSEO Strategy.

If you like the more personal side of your brand, vlogs andsocial mediaStories are a fantastic way to do this. However, it is worth noting that most consumers watch videos without sound. This means that video content needs to be visually appealing, and while audio is important, it doesn't need to be the focus.

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful In 2023 (2)

5 Video Marketing Trends to Add to Your Strategy in 2022

1. Keep it natural

Consumers respond best to user-generated content and content that feels un-staged. Simply put, people respond to “real” content from real people. This is where live video is effective, as it feels like a real-time experience that isn't scripted.

Streaming is the way forward, and thinking about how users can interact with you while you film is an important aspect. A shocking fact is that only 28% of content marketers plan to use Facebook Live in 2022 – and others do too.The social media platform.

2. The equipment is minimal

Gone are the days when expensive production teams and equipment were needed to create branded videos. Smartphones are now the standard. This is because the video and image quality has become impressive and they are also much easier and cheaper to use. As a result, video content is more accessible, closing the gap and leveling the playing field. If you've been watching Tik Tok lately, you might have noticed the impressive video quality that someinfluencercan produce - with their phones!

3. Make vlogs

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Humans are visual creatures, so instead of writing essays on your blog, why not tell your story the way you envisioned it? It's a great way to share your message, brand personality and reach a wider audience. It also helps people connect with the human side of things as they can relate to the person on screen.

When it comes to vlogging content, most of the content was created by individuals rather than brands, leaving a gap in the market and an opportunity for marketers to stay ahead.

4. Block out the noise

Most users, about 85% of them, watch video content without sound. So instead of wasting time perfecting the audio, why not create silent videos? Instead of focusing on sound, focus on making your videos visually appealing. Everything the consumer needs to know must be displayed on the screen and easily understood. It's important to remember that when people watch your content on the go on their mobile devices, the last thing they want is to be in a public place and have their phone suddenly come alive with annoying noises.

5. Real People, Real Stories

User generated content is always a great way to share your message. Sure, a brand would say positive things about itself, but when everyday people reinforce that, it helps build trust. And as we all know, consumers invest in brands they trust.

Videomarketing Strategies 2023

Video marketing is a fun and creative way to connect with potential buyers. Here are 2023 best practices and 2023 video marketing tips for incorporating video marketing into your overall marketing efforts.

1. Live video

Facebook users spend more time on live video and have higher engagement rates than recorded videos. Leading social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok give businesses the power to directly engage with their audience on live video.

2. Behind the scenes video

Another great strategy for 2023 is behind the scenes videos (BTS). These videos give the audience a glimpse into how your brand works.

(Video) Video Marketing Trends for 2023

Some marketers think that BTS will make their business look bad, but it's true. Customers love authenticity, and showing your audience the people and processes behind your brand can make your brand more approachable, friendly, and engaging.

3. First approach to SEO

While video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been around for a while, it has become more and more common lately as many brands have started to see the benefits of video marketing. Optimizing your videos for search engines can help them appear in higher search engine rankings and make it easier for customers to find them.

4. Video Tutorial

Video tutorials, sometimes called how-to videos and how-to videos, are a fun and easy way to interact with your audience. How-to videos help your audience and potential customers understand how to use your products and services and how they can benefit from them. Videos help people retain information better than text, providing a fun, engaging and educational experience, and viewers retain 95% of videos.

Video marketing examples

Examining successful viral ad campaigns and video marketing trends in 2023 is a great way to get inspired. It also provides insight into what other companies and organizations have done well and what they could have done better. Here's a look at three viral ad campaigns that are making waves with online audiences.

1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Campaign

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was created in 2014 to raise awareness and money for people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The challenge is simple: just have people throw a bucket of ice water on their heads and ask at least three other people to do the same and donate. It soon went viral, with over 17 million people around the world sharing their videos and encouraging others to join.

Image source:Youtube.com

The campaign convinced participants that if they completed the Ice Bucket Challenge within 24 hours, donated and encouraged others, they could save the life of someone with ALS. Using all three triggers simultaneously, the ad became a broad and meaningful call-to-action, letting viewers know that increased participation means more people with ALS are getting the help they need.

2. Someone is waiting for you at home Budweiser

Most people are familiar with the noisy old Budweiser ads. And in 2014, Anheuser-Busch launched a marketing campaign that highlighted the difference between popular beer brands. In the viral Who's Waiting at Home For You video, the bartender drew attention to the drink's downside by showing a young man and his dog, and the idea that he won't go back to that canine friend after he dies.

Image source:Youtube.com

The emotional motivation behind the campaign's objectives is obvious. In addition to using the human-animal bond as a theme, Anheuser-Busch also defined the dog as more than just a pet – the animal is like a member of the family, and the choice of wine is also affected by this. This viral marketing avenue also allows Anheuser-Busch to show that the company and its Budweiser brand care about the interests of its consumers.

3. Comercial Hyundai X BTS

Instead of presenting simple content about dealing with the environment, Hyundai made more efforts in early 2021 by merging with K-pop group BTS. The Hyundai x BTS collaboration produced teasers and short documentaries about the importance of hydrogen so that Gen Z and younger generations know that they will suffer more from environmental damage if they don't make the right choices.

(Video) The benefits of video marketing in 2023 🎯

Image source:Youtube.com

With BTS's star power and the app containing images and infographics, Hyundai can provide great technology, safety and hydrogen information to its audience. Gen Zers and Millennials are known to be more visual, having grown up on YouTube and Instagram. Knowing this, Hyundai was keen to keep the video's message simple and concise for the audience to quickly digest and enjoy.

It's time to tell your story, your way

Rather than putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard, why not use your words and emotions to express yourself? Video marketing can be a powerful tool when used correctly, and with its easy access, there's no reason not to give it a try.


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