Woman shares how different the Millennial boss is compared to Gen Xers or Boomers and urges everyone to find one to work for (2023)

“Live on weekends”, “look at the clock”, “just come here for the salary”. These are some of the most common phrases in offices around the world.

cononly 21%Of the employees who are engaged at work, the majority say they don't find what they are doing meaningful, believe that life is not going well, and have no hope for their future.

Lucky for real estate agent and TikTok user Kristen (@DrowningoverWater94), her boss takes care of her. She took notice of her after sending the woman a candid email feeling undermined and she received a pleasantly surprising response.

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In fact, it made her so happy that Kristen even shared it with her followers, praising her boss for acting like a true leader. but after thatRace Coach Lizzie Tiliadid a duet with himyour own account, the TikTok algorithm did its thing and the news quickly spread to a much larger audience.

Kristen has worked for Boomer and Gen X, but now she can't believe how different her millennial boss is compared to older bosses.

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It all started when he wrote the lady an honest email professionally criticizing how she had handled a certain situation.

“I worked for a narcissistic post-war psychotic and I also worked for a narcissistic Generation X psychotic. I recently started working for a millennial like myself in late November. I'll be 29 in April and I think she'll be 35 or 36 this year, so she's not much older than me. We're both still millennials. She is still my eldest.

Image source:Drowning on water94

Kristen didn't know what answer she would get.

"I emailed him, I'm a real estate agent, and I emailed him very professionally and very courteously just saying, 'Hey, although I appreciate you doing these things to the client commenting blah blah blah sorry that you've undermined me and that it could damage my relationship with these clients. I cc him on this email as a courtesy, as a professional courtesy, but really, I didn't have to. And you know, if you have something to say, I'd rather you tell me that the client'”.

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I was delighted to discover that she was incredibly understanding.

"This is his email in response. I trembled in my boots. Although I stood by everything I said and stood up for myself, my relationship with my bosses was with those other generations. This was his response, okay: "I see your point and I apologize. . I apologize for the way I have approached this. I didn't mean to undermine you in any way. For future emails sent to me, I will not reply unless directed or asked a direct question. I apologize for the way I have approached this and have 100% confidence in you in the way you are handling this file. Clients have been great clients for me and maybe I'm too clingy about it. I definitely need to learn to let go and trust. I also appreciate your email and appreciate that you are writing to address your feelings immediately instead of keeping them to yourself."

Image source:Drowning on water94

"You're a boss. How to communicate with your employees. This is how you take responsibility. How to conduct yourself professionally... This email surprised me. Professional courtesy, acknowledging mistakes, respecting my limits, that should be the norm "That's what workplace communication should be like and it's not. And it's so refreshing. Work for a millennial. Oh my gosh. Generation Z, even better."

His TikTok praising the millennial boss quickly went viral

@lizietilia #Duetmit @drowningabovewater94#Stich ♬ O-Ton – Kristen

Career coach Lizzie Tilia supports employees and leaders through self-advocacy, recovering from burnout, effective limit setting, self-discovery, and building an enriching life outside of work. When she discovered Kristen's TikTok, she took notice immediately.

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“Personally, I have a leadership history of really brittle stress responses. Especially to get feedback,” Tilia said.bored panda. "My boss's response used to be exaggerated saying I was just being sensitive or an indication that they were much worse off at my age to justify their behavior or lack of leadership skills. It hadn't escaped me that their reaction came from a place of hypersensitivity".

“In my career, I did a lot of testing until I realized what kind of environment I didn't want to work in anymore and I learned to strategize about myself. I ended up working in truly amazing environments with leaders who not only guided me but also mentored me. I'm still in a relationship with many of them today," he added. "I became a career coach to empower people through strategic, heart-focused communication in the workplace."

Tilia believes that Kristen's supervisor's response was textbook nonviolent communication, a form of communication in which she herself is certified. This is the path of the servant leader, a very popular leadership archetype created in the 1970s.Rehearsal'The Servant's Guide', which saw another wave of popularity in 2017."

And people are very happy for both of them.

Lizzie Tilia believes the video has resonated very well with people on TikTok because "defensive and/or fragile leaders are unfortunately a very common archetype in the workplace."

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But in his opinion they are now being discarded. “We are starting to see stronger empathic leaders entering the workforce and rising to leadership positions,” he noted. “Employee turnover costs a lot of money; With the rise of remote work in recent years, people are leaving the company simply because they have access to better jobs completely online. Employee retention is being prioritized and companies are beginning to realize that employees do not leave companies that leaders leave. Strong and caring leaders are set to rise as the next wave of leadership in the workforce.”

She is right. The oldest Millennials are now in their 30s and their role in business management is growing.

Cand its sister publication,fast company, a partnership with the professional development website theMusaSurvey of 155 millennial bosses to see how they lead, what they value and how they want to shape the future of the business, anddiscoveredthat there are many more leaders like Kristen's bosses.

The top priorities these millennials cited were humanistic: creating positive work cultures, building strong relationships (in person, not through apps), and caring for the whole person, not just the worker. Additionally, 61% of millennial leaders not only said they are not afraid to lead older employees, unlike some Boomers and Gen-Xers, but they are also optimistic about their successors.

"Millennials have been to therapy, they care about the collective and they don't just want to be the change," adds running coach Lizzie Tilia. "You are the change".

“The leadership of the past turned on its employees and its managers. Millennials do the exact opposite. Stand up for people, talk about what is alive in us, accept and give feedback; These are not things that many millennials are ashamed of.”

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